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One of Maame’s special gifts is the ability to help people achieve clarity of thought in order to achieve their goals. She helps you breakdown your interests and design a course of action that allows you to do something you love. Maame helped me devise both a short term and long-term plan tailored to my own interests and goals. She helped me see the possibilities even when I was sure there was nothing else ahead for me. I would recommend Maame at any given day and time!

Adetutu Sadiq - Business Dev. Associate, Cleo

I get emotional when I talk about Maame. Those who know me well have probably heard me brag about Maame in one of our conversations. That is because she literally has invested in me like my very own mother would. I would not be where I am today if she had not been part of my path six years ago. When we talk about women GIANTS giving back to Africa, i cannot think of anyone more impactful than her. Please support her as she goes on a journey to help other young women get mentorship from older women who have broken the ceilings and succeeded in their own spaces. #WomenInLeadership #WholeWoman

Amanda Chukura

I’m sending this message and request to connect because I continue to enjoy an article about you and your path that was featured in a MIIS magazine several years ago. (I saved it a file that I came across this weekend.) Your story and ideas continue to resonate with me as a mother, wife, daughter, and professional. The article includes good nuggets to share with my little ones who are now growing teenagers. I kept it to share your words of wisdom and as an example for them of all of the themes you discussed. Well done!

Mary Catherine

Maame has been a personal coach and insightful mentor for three years. She is patient, warm, and compassionate. She listens with her whole self and weaves together emotional support, clear insights and practical advice. I am grateful that she has coached me professionally and helped me to excel as a leader while finding balance in my life. I particularly appreciate her open, honest and direct communication style and her holistic approach to life.

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Laura Stachel, We Care Solar

My coaching sessions with Maame exceeded my expectations. I now have more clarity and understanding on my purpose and have been equipped with the tools necessary to achieve my personal and professional goals. Thank you for helping me broaden the vision for myself and my legacy.

Physician | Philanthropist | Entrepreneur

Dr. Akua Ampadu


I had the immense pleasure of meeting Maame in a few consecutive conference sessions she facilitated… Maame, thank you for creating such a fabulous colloquium. Your joy, authenticity, and openness is infectious, and I’m sure I can speak for the group in saying we won the jackpot as far as moderators go. You have a gift in creating safe, thoughtful, and relational space, and thank you for sharing it with us.

Brennan Lanphear - Creative Director and Associate Producer, Cage Free Productions

Maame’s insightful coaching and consulting have made a huge difference in me and at our organization. Her breadth and depth of knowledge and wisdom about human-centered-organizations is a joy to experience. Maame is also a top level meeting designer and facilitator who has organized a number of successful sessions. Her gifts for collaboration are abundant and effortless. Maame holds the floor and attention of others with grace and ease. She is such a beautiful soul that radiates light from the inside out. She is truly one of those rare people that makes any team better with her presence.

Kermit Farmer - CEO, Village Creed

I  have worked in many group settings during my career, and Maame is quite simply the most skilled and engaging group facilitator who I have ever encountered.  Under quarantine conditions, our team was needing to find new ways of connecting with one another and reimagining our work.  We felt lost and needed guidance.  Even through a virtual format, Maame was able to revitalize our team’s collaborative spirit with such energy and creativity.  She designed a valuable program tailored to our group, and her enthusiasm and inspirational spirit was infectious.  Our group thoroughly enjoyed and benefited immensely from her leadership, energy and facilitation of our virtual retreat. Thank you for facilitating such a special and memorable experience for our team.

Glen P. Davis, M.D., Janian Medical Care


Dearest Maame- thank you so much for your excellent training. You are such an inspiring role model leader. Hope to see you again!

Eyerusalem Jima, US State Department IVLP - Ethiopia

Thank you Maame. I really enjoyed your training and energy.

Leonara Kusari, US State Department IVLP - Kosovo

Thank you for the granularity and practicality of the workshop. It was engaging

Feyi Fatona Ajayi, US State Department IVLP - Nigeria


Maame is a living breathing Gap-Bridger, Opportunity Opener, Future-ideas Enabler!

Antoinette Petersen, Daniel Petersen III Foundation