Our vision is to connect people and organizations to the resources they need in order to maximize impact and unleash potential.

Our mission is to build a broad network that connects and leverages talent, resources and opportunities. MILT offers support to enhance leadership and potential. We offer services for enhancing leadership and organizational capacity; harnessing and unleashing potential; identifying talent and connecting them to opportunities; and providing access to relevant resources and information.

We strive to be bold, visionary, creative and original, guided by a strong belief in authentic relationships, collective action and partnership, diversity, equity and inclusion, effective stewardship, excellence, wholeness and self-care.

  • the success of organizations and partnerships is strongly reliant on and should be driven by deep and authentic relationships
  • we believe in the collective power of individuals to effect change and build lasting social movements
  • prioritize and celebrate the beauty, power and benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • be good stewards of power, access, resources and opportunities
  • if it must be done, then it must be done well
  • be intentional about creating space to feed and honor the mind, body and soul
  • be daring and forward-looking in our approach to work and engagement
  • proudly embrace and make room for innovation