At the core, I am a Connector and a consummate Networker!
I enjoy identifying potential, finding talent, and connecting them to opportunities and resources to maximize impact, harness and unleash potential. For more than a decade, I have had the fortune of working with diverse groups of teams, individuals and mentees, creating transformational leadership content, facilitating connections and networking opportunities, delivering motivational speeches, mentoring and coaching. Furthermore, I am blessed to volunteer my experience through service on several boards internationally. In 2017, I participated in a leadership program that crystalized for me my essence and purpose— “To inspire and support people, especially African women and girls to enjoy a fulfilling and wholesome leadership journey.”
The sum of my experiences, career, board service, mentoring, coaching, training and facilitation have led me to establish MILT (Management for Impact Leadership and Transformation). While mentoring and coaching are critical, they are not enough for long-lasting transformation. Merging coaching and mentoring with training, networking and collaboration is a game changer—it will yield multiple dividends for individuals, communities and future generations. MILT is an expression of all this and more. In 2009, I was introduced to the concept of “Whole Woman” which has become my mantra. Through MILT, I hope to create a dynamic movement of “Whole Leaders”. As a “Whole Woman Leader myself, I bring all of who I am, showing up as an activist, international development practitioner, mentor, coach, wife, mother, and recording artist who uses music to promote philanthropy and social impact. Under Akwantu Media (an independent music production and distribution company), we create “wholesome” to inspire and uplift.
As a mentor and coach, I work with emerging leaders internationally, including MasterCard Foundation Scholars, MILEAD (Moremi Initiative Fellows), African women entrepreneurs through AWEC— (African Women’s Entrepreneurship Cooperative) and Women Leaders for the World (How Women Lead). In 2018, I conceived the idea for “The Whole Woman Project” to connect aspiring leaders with seasoned women leaders to promote sisterhood, solidarity and support. Related to my passion and commitment to women’s rights, leadership and philanthropy, I serve as board chair at We Care Solar and African Women’s Development Fund–USA (AWDF-USA). In addition, I am a proud board member for Cocoa360, Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative and Days for Girls (DfG), Ghana. In the same vein, I provide advisory support to Nurturing Minds/SEGA.
Having worked for five (5 years) in the Africa Program at Global Fund for Women, I acquired and enhanced skills in, grantmaking, resource mobilization, feminist leadership, community outreach and donor engagement. At Women’s Earth Alliance, where I served as Africa Program Director, I provided the overall strategic direction for the Africa program focusing on issues related to women’s rights and environmental justice.
I have a bachelor’s degree in French and Spanish and a master’s in international policy studies, human rights, gender and development. I am proudly African, Unapologetically Feminist, Boldly Christian and a Transformative Leadership enthusiast. My husband and I partner in many areas of our work and life, notably in creating wholesome music; and enjoy raising our three children together. I live by the motto “Do Good, but first Do no harm”.